About Us

Whataplan is a place to share and discover the exciting and sometimes hidden things to do in London. Be inspired and inspire others to enjoy those sunny afternoons or big nights out.

At Whataplan we are amazed by the many wonderful things London has to offer and we have set out to create a new and exciting way to bring to light to some of its hidden secrets.

The idea for the website was first conceived by Louise Forester and Alan Thomson who were looking for a beautiful plan for their respective dates on Valentine's day back in 2008. They built a site that would allow Londoners to share plans for that perfect day. Unfortunately, Alan's date didn't go too well, but that's a different story.

After living a rather lonely existence on the Internet for the best part of a year, Alan spoke to Matthias about the site. Matthias saw that the idea had legs, and a few beers later Matthias and Alan had plans for a relaunch. Before they knew it, many, many wonderful people were involved too. What you see around you is the result of their hard work. We hope that you find something special to do in London.