Drink in a pirate costume at the Prospect of Whitby
A plan by: ewebber
The Prospect of Whitby claims to be the oldest riverside pub in London and it certainly has a lot of history behind it. You can see all of this from the decor, which is fitted out with nautical-themed trinkets, a pewter bar and a gallows with a noose. This instrument is a reference to the Execution Dock where pirates would be tied to the posts at low tide and left to drown as the tide came in. You can have the chance to honour these brigands’ memories by donning pirate garb and sinking a few pints. Just don’t get any ideas about the boats outside.
More info
Prospect of Whitby
57 Wapping Wall, E1W 3SP, London
020 7481 1095
Nearest tubes: Rotherhithe, Shadwell, Wapping
a photo from Flickr

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