Go to the Dukes Hotel to have a Martini
A plan by: djkosmo

Shaken not stirred: Ian Flemming used to come to the Dukes and the place claims to have given him inspiration for his James Bond novels.

The drinks are pricey, but the waiters go to a lot of effort to mix each martini at the table whilst talking you through their armoury of ingredients and their particular significance.

It is a quiet place in a relatively posh hotel and therefore not the right place to warm up for a football match or anything of that sort. It is however an excellent experience if you are looking for a occasion to have a strong, good drink in a nice setting in the centre. Try the Vesper martini, by the way.

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More info
Dukes Hotel
35 St James''s Place, SW1A 1NY, London
020 7491 4840

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