SUNDAY: Breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton Square, followed by Columbia Road Flower Market mooching
A plan by: Law

On a Sunday start at The Breakfast Club just off Hoxton Square, best time to arrive is between 11-1130. There will be a queue but it doesn't normally take long to get a table. Just be prepared that the chairs will all be different heights and you'll probably spend more time focused on the decor than what your mates are saying! It's quirky and the food is delishious!! Can highly recommend the Huevos Rancheros, yum!

After a hearty brunch take your full belly to Columbia Road Flower Market, it runs from early to about 2ish, though depending on the weather and time of year I think it shuts up earlier. You can get some real bargains at closing time, as the market traders sell off the last of their stocks. nothing is normally over a fiver  - this includes lillies, orchids, tulips, shrubs, most seasonal flowers...

If you don't buy then just look - in summer there are just so many incredible colours and smells! It will be busy though!

The shops along there are well worth a look too, for interiors and things for the garden, non are high street and all have their own individual styles. Great for inspiration or unusual gifts.

I'd normally grab a cup cake and a coffee from one of the cafes on the way home, it's a Sunday so calories don't count!

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The Breakfast Club
2-4 Rufus Street, N1 6PE, London

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