Start with Friday buffet at Gastronomica in Wapping and then finish off with an exhibition at the Wapping Project.
A plan by: ivan_ma

Friday treat. Provided by two of the best Wapping venues. 

  1. Start with a dinner at Gastronimica's Friday only buffet for £8 per person for their great Italian food and two glasess of wine.
  2. Two streets down is the Wapping Project. Enjoy their free exhibition at the interesting old pneumatic station, venue half restaurant, half gallery.
  3. Stroll down the river to Canary Wharf, a great 15 minutes walk

tip. Hit Gastronomica around 6:30 when there are fewer people

You might also like to drop by the Prospect of Whitby for an excellent pint

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Gastronomica, Wapping project
Garnet St, e1w 3qs, London
a photo by ivan_ma

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