Have an ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at Chin Chin Labs, Camden Lock
A plan by: Matthias

Chin Chin Labs styles itself as Europe's first nitro ice-cream parlour. The magicis that the ice cream is cooled down using liquid nitrogen rather than storing theice cream in more convental feezers. The friendly staff and the fact that the ice cream is made on demand (i.e.cooled down in front of your eyes) makes it a most pleasurable experience. But what's most important is that the ice cream is excellent and super creamy. Choice is limited with a vanilla, a chocolate and a changing flavour. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12-7. Expect longer queues at weekends when the nearby Camden Lock market is flooded with local shoppers and tourists.

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Chin Chin Labs
49-50 Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF, London
a photo from Flickr
ooh i've been there - it's pretty cool to watch them make the ice cream!
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