Go on a gallery stroll along Vyner Street, E2
A plan by: Matthias

If you want to explore the latest in East London Art there are few better approaches than making your way swiftly over to Vyner Street to visit the many galleries that have settled in this small East London backstreet. Vyner Street is just off Mare Street, near Bethnal Green tube and might easily be overlooked. There are around ten galleries on the street largely showing contemporary art.

Highlights include:

Most galleries are open Friday - Sunday from 10am. Don't be afraid by the rather unwelcoming metal doors that shield most galleries from the outside world - a quick buzz on the door bell and you will be let in. Apparently this is more to do with security than with an attempt at being exclusive. 

A good place to recover from your art stroll is the Hurwundeki Cafe just across and down the Cambridge Heath Road.

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Vyner Street
Vyner Street, E2, London
a photo by Matthias

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