Have a drink at the Scootercaffe
A plan by: DavidC

Personally, I would say this place is London's best kept secret. It is part bar, part cafe it just drips Italian retro cool in a relaxed and unpretentious way. It is full of old vespas and vintage Italian decoration, plus the biggest coffee machine you are ever likely to see. Pop in in the afternoon for coffee from the machine, or choose from the selection of beers and wines in the evening for a relaxed chat. Staff also play a great, eclectic selection of music from their i-pods. This place does no food, but if you ask nicely they will let you eat a takeaway from the Thai cafe round the corner (which are great and cheap). A hidden gem in Waterloo, this place makes a mockery of the area's other limited drinking offerings.

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, London
020 7620 1421
http://www.scooterworks-uk.com/ - beware under construction
Nearest tubes: Lambeth North, Southwark, Waterloo
a photo from Flickr
I love this place. It has cats.
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