Start a fun night out at Electricity Showrooms, Shoreditch
If you were a 1920s housewife this would have been the place to go for the latest in newfangled electronical gadgets. Nowadays it isn't really trying to appeal to housewives but this quirky old-style pub still retains much of the 1920s vibe whilst also managing to attract Hoxton's trendy elite. In the day its a really great place to while away an afternoon playing billiards, eating one of their phenomenal pies and drinking real ale. In the evenings this place is packed with hip twentysomethings dancing to a mix of fifties rockabilly and modern electro. And you know what? It might sound like a crazy mish mash but it definitely works...
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39 Hoxton Square, N1 6NN, London
Nearest tubes: Liverpool Street, Old Street, Shoreditch

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