Have a picnic on Primrose Hill
A plan by: Tara

Hop off the tube at Chalk Farm and walk to one of north London’s most attractive and celebrity endorsed neighbourhoods. Once you’ve stocked up on goodies at one of the many delis such as Melrose & Morgan, stroll to Primrose Hill, sit down and enjoy the spectacular view over central London. The food will taste better for it!

If you're busy during the day, don't be shy to spare some time during the night and enjoy a wonderful night time view over London. Recently there has been a community of London drinkers assembling on top of Primrose Hill embracing dawn and the new day ahead.

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Primrose Hill
14 Edis Street, NW1 8LG, London
Nearest tubes: Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Mornington Crescent
a photo from Flickr

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