Go to an event at Stoke Newington International Airport
Stoke Newington may be famously lacking in a tube stop, giving the urban village in North Hackney its calm, secluded feel, but giving it its own airport might qualify as overkill. It’s fortunate, then, that STK – Stoke Newington International Airport – isn’t an airport at all but an unconventional arts space. Founded in 2008 in an old industrial space, by a group of artists, designers and actors, it’s a shabby but lovingly-decorated space complete with kitsch paintings and a fearsome-looking chandelier made from scissors. It hosts a wide range of events ranging from poetry and music performances to interactive occasions such as ‘Live Art Speed Dating’, where a range of performance artists repeatedly perform four-minute pieces for one or two audience members at a time, then everyone swaps round. STK also puts on weekend-long events like the recent ‘distance’ festival, a two-day programme of art and events exploring the theme of distance and travel that took place in June. You can see upcoming events at http://www.stkinternational.co.uk/STK/STK.html. Stoke Newington is a bit of a faff to get to, but there’s a rail stop, or you can use the 73, 106, 243, 76, 349, 149, or 67 bus.
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Stoke Newington International Airport
1-15 Leswin Place, N16 7NJ, London
Nearest tubes: Dalston Kingsland, Hackney Central, Stoke Newington

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