Enjoy One Hundred and Eleven Beers (Probably not in one sitting though)
A plan by: ChuckRiley

The Dovetail is a Belgian Bar just off Clerkenwell Square. They have 101 bottled beers and 10 draft. So much choice! So to help they have a bucket from which you can randomly select your next beer.

The magic doesn't only happen behind the bar, they must also have some skills in the kitchen as the food is excellent. Try the Wild Boer Burger (at £9.50 not a baragain but worth it!)

The Dovtail does lots of events (like Trappist Tuesdays), and you can easily sit in here all day and night.

If you plan to visit the Dovetail for the first time, kindly make sure you have an AtoZ with you - the Jerusalem is not easy to find, but I'm sure you will manage!

Something for friends of random facts: The Dovetail's sister pub is the excellent Dove on Broadway Market, Hackney.

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More info
The Dovetail
9-10 Jerusalem Passage, EC1V 4JP, London
0207 490 7321
Nearest tubes: Barbican, Chancery Lane, Farringdon
a photo by ChuckRiley

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