Have a Central London picnic in Byng Place
A plan by: Matthias

If you think that a picnic in style cannot be executed well in Central London? Think again. Let's let you into the secret of Byng Place. The fact that it's a secret is entirely surprising as Byng is placed bang in the middle of central London...just by the busy cycle route connecting eastbound commuters to, well, the east (and vice versa). It's right by UCL and ULU. So it is indeed surprising that so few people actually stop and open a bottle of wine and maybe break some bread and share some homous in this excellent picnic setting. Well, to be fair, all it is really, are three chairs and a table. But then, what else do you need if you bring a bottle of wine and maybe a slice of bread and some homous and of course a date to enjoy this openair Central London picnic adventure! 

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Byng Place
Byng Place, WC1E 7LE, London
a photo by Matthias

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