Visit the Inns of Court
The Inns of Court is home for every barrister in the whole of England. Even if you are not a barrister, you can still come and bask in the rather erudite beauty of it all. The four inns are Middle Temple and Inner Temple, and Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn. The latter have lovely fields where you can easily while away an afternoon or two. The Temple vicinity feels far more like the legal district it is. It is a beautiful area; truly reminiscent of Charles Dickens' novels, whilst also conjuring JK Rowling's Diagon Alley. Temple Church itself is worth a visit, as is noting the history of this place... but ideally I'd wander in to the grounds and gardens, bring a book, find a bench and feel learned in these esteemed and long-standing legal surrounds.
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4 Gray's Inn, WC1R 5DX, London
Nearest tubes: Chancery Lane, Farringdon, Holborn

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