Watch a film in style at Roxy Bar and Screen
Borough's Roxy Bar and Screen is an absloute joy. If you aren't a big fan of huge cinemas that cost a load and smell just a little bit too strange, this place is for you. The Roxy plays great movies - sometimes new and sometimes old, sometimes art house or independent; often they run them by genre or season, sometimes playing two back-to-back in a night. It's also a bar, it's just playing a movie. So there's no Row A Seat 1 = broken neck situation. You can get a glass of wine, a pizza to share, grab a sofa, a booth or a table (handy if you ordered a steak and can't eat it on the sofa), and watch a movie on a big screen. If you're more like this: 'I like 200 other people, 100 trailers and nachos with cheese sauce', then stay away. Far away.
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128-132 Borough High Street, London , SE1 1LB, London
Nearest tubes: Borough, London Bridge, Monument

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