At Whataplan we rely on the input from a large number of people without whom the project wouldn't have been possible.

The main people behind the website today are Alan Thomson and Matthias Uepping. Matthias and Alan built this website for people like them who love living in London and are always excited to find out new things about the place. Did you know that there is a statue of Peter Pan which mysteriously appeared overnight?

Matthias is an economics graduate from UCL and Cambridge University who started his career in finance at UBS back in 2005. Matthias is not shy to turn to spreadsheets to get a handle on difficult problems. Besides running Whataplan, Matthias works as a financial consultant to start-ups, VCs and private equity firms. Matthias lives in Hackney, enjoys cycling and thinks that back in 1966, the ball didn't cross the line.

Alan Thomson is an engineering graduate from Cambridge University who lives in Islington and has the most seductive computer-related chat up lines this side of Parliament Hill. For his day job, Alan develops web sites and applications in London and Norfolk. He has immense skills which are detailed here. Alan likes kite surfing, summer festivals and thinks that back in 1966, the ball did cross the line.

We are always looking for bright people to join the team. Please feel free to get in touch and drop us an email alan or matthias [at] whataplan [dot] com.