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General disclaimer
At Whataplan we aim to serve you with the nicest things to do in your city. As we are only human and can't help to believe that there are people out there who know better what makes a nice thing nice and a mediocre thing not so good, we fundamentally rely on user contribution to build the content for this website. Commentary and other materials on our website are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. We therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance on such materials by any visitor to our site, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.

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Content and Copyright
We are facilitating a community of people who enjoy living in their city and to discover the most excellent things to do in this city. We believe this can only be effectively done in an open, collaborative manner. This is why all content on this website is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence (the "Creative Commons Licence") as defined here. Essentially this means that all content is free for all users to remix, adapt and reuse for commerical and non-commercial purposes as long as the original authors are attributed appropriately. Typically this is done by linking to the original source of the information. We believe that a creative commons licence for all content is the best way to facilitate a creative and productive community.

Any material you upload to our website will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and in accordance with the Creative Commons Licence we also have the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose to third parties any such material for any purpose. We will not be responsible, or liable to any third party, for the content or accuracy of any materials posted by your or any other user of our site.

Please do not submit content to the website that is proprietary or protected by copyright. We have the right to disclose your identity to any third party who is claiming that material posted or uploaded by you to our website constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or of their privacy. If you think your copyright has been infringed on the site or you think your work has not been appropriately attributed, please let us know by email at abuse@whataplan.com.

By using the website and submitting content to the site you also agree to uphold the principles set out in the community guidelines as outlined here.

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You will find frequent links to third party websites on the website which we provide to enhance your experience of the site. We do not endorse, support or can be held responsible for content provided through third party links.

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Governing Law
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